You should start by specifying your Document structure. Divide it into logical (sub)sections, each represented by a topic's html-file. Use mnemonic topic names and topic titles that correspond to the contents. Select proper heading and footing for the table of contents. If necessary, use Multi-TOC and share the topic files of each TOC between different subdirectories (recommended).

Create a Design based on your specifications (see ) and topic files for each TOC section (see ). Test your Document on the develop installation and upload/publish it for common use (see ).

Several Designs vs. several TOC's

There are two principle solutions for composing multi-volume, multi-lingual etc. documents:

  1. creating several Designs and specifying the desired one during start-up;
  2. describing several TOCs in one Design and selecting the desired one from the content header;

(1) is preferable for Documents that comprise of loosely linked parts or entirely different Documents. (2) is meant for dividing a Document into larger logical units with the possibility to switch between them dynamically.