Each Design has standard XML 1.0 structure and consists of two parts: the properties and a table of contents. Several TOCs with specific properties can also be described (Multi-TOC allowed in Plus version only). See the current subsections and on describing your Document.

The Program searches for a Design vrmanual.xml (or renamed one) in the start-up directory by default. You can run different Documents by specifying a Design file name in the cfg parameter of the web address. For example, 'design.xml' can be used as follows:


A relative path can be added to the file's name. For example the file 'design.cfg' will be taken from start-up directory's 'eng' subdirectory:


Or the directory's neighbouring directory:


Specifying together with the opening page:


Important! The directory of the topic files is determined by the Design file's directory and the 'path' property.