The Program is delivered to you using the installation file vrmsetup.php (see ). It must be uploaded and started in the web directory that you want to place your Document. The Program will have the following files in the installation directory:

The vrmanual.php file can be made the default file of the Documents directory as follows:
- Apache: configure .htaccess file with the DirectoryIndex directive;
- IIS: set up a default document with IIS Manager.

Do not modify vrmanual.php file - it will become unusable. The vrmanual.xml describes a Document and must be edited according to it's specificity. You can rename them, but to the same names only. You can also specify another Design upon start-up (see ).

Two installations are allowed simultaneously for one owner: Develop and Publish. Each reinstallation annulls the previous one. Installation steps:

  1. obtain/download the installation file vrmsetup.php;
  2. upload the vrmsetup.php to the webserver's directory where you will be keeping your Documents;
  3. enter the www-address for the vrmsetup.php file into the web-browser to begin;
  4. select publish/develop installation and the Manual files inclusion (recommended upon first use);
  5. enter the www-address for the vrmanual.php file into the browser after the installation finishes; if you see the Manual - it works!
  6. create your Design and topic files;
  7. test the Document using the development installation and upload/publish it for common use;
  8. remove the vrmsetup.php file from the public directory;