You may use two Program installations simultaneously: develop and publish. Set up a webserver on your computer or a local network (Apache, IIS) that has PHP support. Before publishing, develop and test your Documents locally. Use the Manual files as a template.

Check the settings of your host or company server before publishing (see ). Another option is to apply for our hosting service. We can offer you a www-address with FTP access similar to the following: http://<yourname>


Program issues messages in case of system problems or incorrect use. The messages are self-descriptive and their language is determined by the Shell language you selected during obtaining.

Problems during installation or startup are regarded as severe errors. The Program exits and displays an error window. Runtime messages may be either errors or warnings. The message is displayed in red under the content header. The runtime error stops the Program from functioning. See regarding browser dependencies.

You may get a 'service is not available' message during startup. This occurs if your webserver's:

Please email us in case of insurmountable user problems.