The topic files are available for crawling via same URL's as specified in your TOC links. The TOC section’s title matches the corresponding topic’s html title (see ). The title tag and page header are the two most important spots to put search terms (keywords).

Make your URLs more search-engine-friendly by naming them with clear keywords. For example, this section could be renamed from seot to seo-tips. Another choice is using of the urls property (see ). The topic title is converted to a "slug" and appended to the topic url after urls' value. For example, if urls is '?':

Specifying '#!' as the urls property has a certain meaning (hashbang) for the Google crawler. For example, the!seo-tips
will be requested by the crawler as

Adding a site map -- a page listing and linking to all the other major pages on your site -- makes it easier for spiders to search your web document. vrManual includes a facility to create automatically an XML sitemap from your document's TOC. Specify a _sitemap topic in the web address (don't use it in your Design's topic names):

The browser displays your documents map. Save it as sitemap.xml and upload to your web document root directory. More elegant solution is to make it dynamic via ModRewrite to avoid editing the map every time you change any topic. For example, the Apache .htaccess directives:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^sitemap.xml$ vrmanual.php?_sitemap [L]