Entering your Document's web address into the browser opens it in the Program's shell.

The Program’s screen consists of two columns: the left for the TOC and the right for the contents. The TOC column has a header and a footer indicating the Document’s name and ownership. The TOC section can either be a folder containing subfolders, or a terminal item. The content column shows the current topic. It has a header indicating the current topic’s title on the left and the command buttons on the right. With the Plus version, you can describe several TOC's. In that case, the selection box appears on the header next to the buttons.

Click on the (sub) folder’s icon in the TOC to toggle it into its opened/closed status. Click on the topic’s title to see its contents in the right column. The current topic’s title is highlighted in the TOC. Use the selection box to switch between different TOCs (in case of Multi-TOC). The commands for browsing the topics are the following: < - previous, > - next, - parent, << - first, >> - last. The P command prints the current topic. The ? command displays information about the Program.

Please make sure that you have enabled JavaScript and internal frames in your web browser. If the program encounters any problems, it will issue an according message (see ).

A welcome topic (see ) or first topic openes by default during start-up. You can specify an opening topic in the web address, for example:



The = and # commands switch search on/off. The search window opens under the TOC’s title. Separate the search terms (words) with spaces. Put the search phrases (with spaces) into double quotation marks. A word refers to a string containing only alpha-numeric characters. Minimal term length is 3 characters. Specify the search by ticking the appropriate options: V - match any terms (otherwise all), ^ - case-dependent search, - search as a substring. Press = to begin a search.

The matching topic titles will be highlighted in yellow, along with the search terms found in the topic’s body text. In case of Multi-TOCs, the left border of the TOC selection box will be yellow if any topics are found and dark-yellow if the current TOC contains any found topics. A red border around the term field is an indicator of an unsuccessful search.